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What notes should be focused in use of PVC furniture edge banding

Furniture edge banding is the material to protect, decorate and beautify fracture surfaces of furniture boards, it can make a piece of furniture to show clear wood grains, prismy effect. So PVC edge banding is widely used in daily life. So what attentions should pay to when use PVC furniture edge banding?

1. Don’t put PVC furniture edge bandings under sun exposure, also avoid placing in too dry place, to prevent crack and deformation.

2. Don’t place PVC furniture edge bandings in very humid positions, to avoid woods moisture expansion, easy to rot after a long time, and the drawers can’t open.

3. Don’t drag toughly when moving PVC furniture edge bandings, lift gently lift up and gently lay down; Be flat and stable when placing, if the ground is uneven, the legs should be padded to prevent damage to mortise structure.

4. Don’t load heavy items on PVC furniture edge banding of wardrobe, to prevent door protruding, doors can’t close entirely; Don’t stack too many clothes, don’t exceed the doors to avoid doors deformation.

5. Don’t bathe or wipe PVC furniture edge banding made of plywood by rag, don’t soak them in alkaline water to prevent splint degumming.

There are two more technology points for public:

First, banding hot melt adhesives can be divided into three categories by base material:

1. EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer) base material hot melt adhesive, this kind of hot melt adhesive can be divided into with fillers and without fillers two types. Adopting EVA being base material is a common technology to produce edge banding adhesive, but the limitation is poor heat resistance. Panel furniture bonding by EVA hot melt adhesive, ambient temperature can’t high than 120°C;

2. POLYAMIDE(polyamide) base material hot melt adhesive, this kind adhesive is with good heat resistance and fast curing characteristics, but its main disadvantage is price expensive.

3. HMPU (polyurethane) base material hot melt adhesive, it’s a hot melt adhesive with best performance, is guarantee of high quality panel bonding. But the price is expensive and requires special usage.

Second, trimming knife can trim ideal lines on edge banding precisely thanks to horizontal and vertical ruler near trimming knife. If they can’t cling to moving plates, then won’t be able to trim right lines.

The solution is: pass a long and flat plate to edge banding machine (be careful don’t gum) and stop the conveyor when plate running to position covering polishing, scraping and trimming, plate surface to be the base, place horizontal and vertical benchmarks mentioned above against the board, close cutting edge of cutters to board edge, waiting for fine tuning in the back, until ideal result.

Furniture edge banding is just a small detail of furniture, but if you can do well in dailly maintenance, it’s not difficult to keep beauty and long service life of furniture.