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Plastic edge banding manufacture teaches how to judge quality of ABS edge banding

1. Plastic edge banding manufacturer teaches you to see hue and surface roughness of edge banding, color is very important to superior ABS edge banding surface, the color is close to customized product, gorgeous. If surface is very rough, there are drawing stamp then the quality won’t be good, this is surface quality problem of ABS edge banding, there isn’t much relationship with internal material quality of ABS edge banding, main reasons are production process and staff production technology skills of ABS edge banding. Superior ABS edge banding are: surface smooth, no or few bubbles, no or few drawing stamp, suitable gloss, not too highlight nor too matt (unless special requirement).

2. Quality of ABS edge banding can be seen by flatness of surface and subface, thickness is uniform or not, otherwise combination of ABS edge banding and plate, glue lines are too striking or large gap between panel and ABS edge banding, will affect entire beauty. Details determine success or failure, a small detail problem, may bring bad overall effect.  

3. Edge trimming is white or not, surface of bending edge banding is seriously white or not, edge banding trimming background color is close to surface color of plate. ABS edge banding is mainly made of PVC and calcium carbonate plus auxiliaries, if calcium carbonate content is too high, there will be banding whitening, bendmard whitening phenomenon, prove this kind product is of poor quality.

4. Quality of ABS edge banding also depends on strength, flexibility. High strength means good wear resistance, quality is better, strength too high also means process difficulty increase. Low flexibility means wear resistance is not high, anti-aging ability is low. In addition, according actual needs of production, if need manual trimming, you can can soft spot, automatic edge banding machine to be hard spot.

5. Adhesive is unifrom or not, easy to fall or not in use.