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5 factors to affect quality during sealing process

In terms of sealing process, main factors to affect quality:

Engine and tracks of edge banding machine can’t coordinate very well, the tracks are not smooth when running, wavy, generating stress between edge banding and plate surface, sealed edges are not flat, unfavorable to equipment trimming( trimming knife equipments taking); Coating roller can’t cooperate well with conveyor roller, it’s common to see glue insufficient or glue uneven; Trimming tools and chamfered knives can’t adjust well, need extra trim manually, and it’s hard to guarantee trimming quality. In brief, quality problems because of poor level on equipment test, repair and maintenance, are common and long lasting.

Artificial board to be base materials, thickness deviation can’t reach standard generally, most to be positive tolerance, and often exceed tolerance range (tolerance allowable range is 0.1 to 0.2); Flatness fails to reach standards too. This makes the distance from pinch roller to track surface (thickness of base material) difficult to master, short distance will press tightly, stress increase, delaminate; Long distance can’t press boards tightly, edge banding can’t connect with board firmly.

Product working accuracy during processing, mismachining tolerance is mainly from board sawing and cutting. Due to error of equipment system and manual process, workpieces can’t reach the level, can’t keep verticality with neighbouring surfaces. Therefore, edge banding can’t connect completely with board surfaces when bonding, emerge gaps or expose base materials, affect appearance. Even more, base materials crack during process, it’s hard to hide by sealing.

Sealing materials of Dongguan edge banding manufacturers mostly to be PVC, PVC edge bandings greatly affect by environment. Harden in winter, affinity for glue reduces, and a long storage time, surfaces age, bonding strength of adhesive is lower. For thin thickness paper edge bandings, because of big toughness, thin thickness (such as 0.3mm thickness), may cause untidy cut, bonding strength not enough and bad trimming effect etc defects, rework rate is very high, and waste of edge banding is very serious.

Sealing glue is dedicated bonding hot melt adhesive. Because of low temperature in winter, in order to ensure the glue strenght, adhesive temperature should be slightly higher. But too high, over 190℃, glue is too rare, adhesive layer become thin, adhesive temperature cools down when painting to board surface, and low temperature of edge banding, result in strength reduction of sealing. If temperature drops to 170℃, the glue is little thicker, but edge banding temperature is lower, glue strenght is insufficient. Low temperature, gluse can’t be melted very well. The contradiction is prominent in production, and it’s difficult to slove. Bonding quality of glues, adaptability and affinity condition with base materials and edge banding affect bonding quality.