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Dongguan cabinet edge banding manufacturers bring you to know types and application of edge banding

First, edge banding  is widely used in furniture manufacturing industry as a derivative of furniture at present, it can not only protect furniture outlines, but also plays a role of decorating and beautifying furniture. In daily life, we see variety kinds of cabinets, and different cabinets match different material edge bandings to protect and beautify edges. Common cabinet edge bandings types: wooden, melamine and PVC, different edge banding type with specific functions and bonding skills, Chuangyue will introduce to you one by one as following.

1. Wooden Edge Banding:

Wooden edge banding is mainly applied to paste and decorate solid wood cabinets profile, the operation can only be done by hand pasting. Keep panel profile flat when pasting wooden edge banding, use water-soluble glue or strong adhesive to bond.  Master selection of glue types, edge banding and cabinet plates make glues to have a good fixed function through wood fibers penetration. Besides, wood is a hygroscopic material, its moisture content will change by external temperature and humidity, therefore, glue choice should be made based on seasonal change, moisture diffusion and penetration requirements. Finally, surface painting should be processed on furnitures decorating with wooden edge banding, in order to protect. 

2. Melamine Edge Banding:

Melamine edge bandings do best in fire-proof plates, occasional use in cabinets. Melamine edge banding can be sealed by hand or mechanical, and don’t have high requirement on hot melt adhesive, contact glue. Use hot melt adhesive in bonding process, temperature should be at 120℃~160℃, indoor ambient temperature should be 15 ℃ when bonding. Melamine edge banding should reduce glue coatings when sealing, control to 6-8g/m in general. Mechanical bonding, coatings are uniform sealing by machine, gluing speed controls at 30 to 50m/min. Bonding speed of melamine edge banding is the fastest among variety of edge bandings, it can ensure bonding quality, also can improve work efficiency.

3. PVC Edge Banding:

Application range of PVC edge banding is basically the same with and melamine edge banding, mainly use to seal profile of particle board, MDF, hipboard, plywood cabinets, sealing of solid wood cabinet is suitable too, can use manual bonding or mechanical bonding methods, paste PVC edge banding on board surface firmly through functions of physical gravitation, chemical bonds. Usually use universal adhesive and hot melt adhesive or white emulsion to seal PVC edge banding, curing time of hot melt adhesive is about 30 minutes, but the choice of low temperature glue or high temperature glue need to decide by thickness of edge banding. There is high requirement on flatness of base material profile when bond PVC edge banding, tolerance is must less than 0.1mm, meanwhile board and environment temperature are better to be 18℃.