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Chuangyue teaches installation skills of cabinet U shape edge banding

Cabinet U shape edge banding is cabinet edge banding of intersecting surface being U shape. 2 sides vertical inner angles of cabinet U shape edge banding intersecting surface are arc angle or chamfer, so can protect cabinet corners, won’t be worn or damage persons. Because of special outline shape of cabinet U shape edge banding, so there are specific skills in installation process, following will make a introduction for you. 

U shape furniture edge banding can protect three sides of cabinet plates, even if materials are not flat, it will not affect sealing quality. Cabinet U shape edge bandings have 3 inner contact surfaces when close, can wrap openings of cabinet boards effectively. When installing, 3 inner contact surfaces overlap with cabinet boards opening head faces and 2 surfaces, then bond with dry glue. Specific operations as following:

First, cut opening of suitable shape by hand tools on cabinet backplate or side panels. At installation site, open one end U shape of cabinet U-shaped edge banding, then buckle into any end face position of cabinet or panels, cement this end of edge banding with cabinet board opening end and internal/external surfaces bald spots by dry glue. Then buckle along with opening end face of edge banding, till edge banding overlap completely all end faces of cabinet boards opening. Finally, cut extra parts of edge banding by cutting knife at sealing head position of cabinet U shape edge banding, to align two ends of edge banding. 

U shape cabinet edge bandings can meet irregular requirements of boards, can tightly close irregular edges of cabinets, play a role of tight moistureproof, anti-formaldehyde emission. U shape cabinet edge bandings can be wrapped in the opening of cabinet, and can improve flatness of appearance, the operation is simple and fast, can adapt harsh installation conditions.