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PVC profiled edge banding manufacture introduces production materials of PVC edge banding and its development and application

PVC edge banding is a kind of plastic product, many people will concern about material selection problem in production and use process, after all, PVC edge bandings contact directly with human body during sealing, So if not do well in raw material selection, then there will be some trouble during actual use. PVC profiled edge banding manufacturer introduces production material of PVC edge banding, its development and application.

PVC profiled edge banding manufacturers introduce raw material of PVC edge banding mainly to be polyvinyl chloride, and increase plasticizer and antiager etc auxiliary materials to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility etc, so most PVC edge banding products are bright in color, corrosion resistant, especially have good performance on curve edge sealing. It is a favorite and popular synthetic material edge banding type.

More or less toxic substances contain in auxiliary materials adding during production of PVC edge bandings, so most producers and users realize this point during usage, of course, with continuous improvement of production technology and environmental awareness strengthen constantly, PVC edge bandings also develop towards environmental and healthy, meanwhile more and more environmental edge banding come out constantly.