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ABS furniture edge banding is guarantee of health and safety

We know ABS furniture edge banding can seal fracture surface of panels, in order to prevent panel damage from environment and negative factors in usage process , to protect and beautify furnitures. Perhaps most people don’t know, in addition above functions, ABS furniture edge banding can also prevent formaldehyde volatilization inside of plates, play an important protective role of our health and safety issues in our daily life.

As we all know, formaldehyde is top threat to safety in house decoration. Formaldehyde is with irritation, makes people feel uncomfortable, will cause throat discomfort, chest tightness, asthma and dermatitis. High formaldehyde level may cause acute poisoning and must be sent to hospital to treat. However, chronic formaldehyde poisoning is relatively difficult to detect, occasional headache, fatigue, always like to sleep, feel lassitude. Although not obvious and rapid as acute poisoning, also cause big damage on respiratory and liver function if long time touch.

Superior furniture edge banding, no matter ABS or PVC, have excellent safety protection function, not only provide beautiful decoration effect in an integral whole with furniture grain and color, but also prevent formaldehyde volatilization in interior plates.

In addition to prevent formaldehyde chronic poisoning, ABS furniture edge banding has good corrosion resistance at products on home health and safety. 

As we all know, ABS plastics material is with balanced toughness, hardness, rigidity excellent mechanical properties, is most widely used polymer currently, not only have outstanding performance on gloss, electrical properties, formability and impact resistance, also excellent on oil resistance and chemical resistance. Therefore, ASB furniture edge banding, no matter U shape or T shape bars, both with relatively outstanding corrosion resistance. Occasional coffee dumping, sudden alcohol spilling, a careless soy sauce pouring, do not worry, edge banding can ensure object surface no traces.

Families with kids, can’t avoid kids hustling, jumping, sometimes accidentally touch on faultage or doors / windows, cause damage to tender skin. ABS furniture edge banding can seal the faultage and fracture of furniture, protect kids’ skin, to guarantee health and safety of family.