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PVC edge banding manufacturer tells you reasons of PVC edge banding degumming

PVC edge banding manufacturer tells you PVC edge banding is made by mixing, rolling, vacuum forming etc manufacturing techniques. Complete sealing process by PVC edge banding, side color of edge banding is close to surface after trimming, not whiten, glossy, color of finished furniture is harmonious. However, it’s easy to degum during use of PVC edge banding, thus affect actual use effect of PVC edge banding. The following PVC edge banding manufacturer introduces you main reasons for poor adhesion of PVC edge banding.

1. Quality issue of PVC edge bandings themself. One standard of PVC edge banding processing and production is adhesive with good performance. Adhesive coating of some inferior PVC edge banding is too thin, of course sticking effect is not good.

2. Temperature issue of PVC edge band bonding environment. Edge banding machine is insufficient of temperature, hot melt adhesives lose stability condition of hot melting and gluing under low temperature environment ,these will cause degumming of PVC edge banding.

3. Ragged sealing panel surface or rare glue etc will also affect normal use of PVC edge banding.

4. To solve degumming issue of PVC edge banding, PVC edge banding manufacturer suggests to control quality of PVC edge banding, control temperature of edge banding machine when sealing, and banding plates should be flat enough, viscosity of sealing adhesives need to be good quality, can’t be too rare.