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Cabinet edge banding manufacturers in Dongguan take you to know edge banding procedure of panel furniture

Cabinet edge banding manufacturers understand in production of panel furnitures, edge banding is the most important and most frequently procedure, and a process of most product quality problems. Judge quality of a panel furniture, edge banding quality is the first and the easiest to be seen. If a company can do very well in edge banding, other parts will not be bad in general. 

There are many problems on edge banding, one hand is because of its special function and structure, more important, many factors will affect the quality during processing. In terms of functions and structures, it will not only play roles of edges protecting, waterproofing, closing release of harmful gases and reducing deformation, but also beautify and lighten furnitures. To be beautiful, not only to ensure edge bandings and boards with a solid and flat combination, but also to guarantee no exposion, edge breakage, big gap etc defects between junctures of banding surface with other side, while transition need to be natural, sleek and smooth. It's not easy to do this.

Edge banding manufacturers for cabinet in Dongguan know importance and quality instability of edge banding, it has great importance and economic value on time study, qulaity and cost control, further research and solve problems on edge banding.

In accordance with principle of stopwatch measurement, Dongguan cabinet edge banding manufacturers tell you to analysis basic situation on banding first, mainly include common method, processing craft, technical parameters of edge banding, factors affecting banding quality and efficiency, then measure according standard time of sesaling process.