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Do you know the advantages of ABS furniture edge bandings?

Life quality improves today, people pay more attention to health, green and environment protection becomes a consideration when consumers purchasing furnitures. Now most furnitures with edge bandings to protect, so materials of edge banding get special focus. ABS furniture edge banding is loved by public as a new environmental material. it is made by resin, it’s bright and smooth after trimming because of no calcium carbonate, and will not whiten, it occupies some market portion because of its advantages.

Paper is traditonal edge banding material mostly, the material is extremely brittle, short life, more important is, it contains a high levels of volatile organic compound such as formaldehyde, acetone, benzene etc harmful substances, the substances will endanger nervous system, heart and respiratory system of people, and interfere organism physiological activity by combining with a variety of enzymes, do harm to body organs.

For the sake of consumers’ health and safety, new environmental ABS furniture edge bandings have been produced in China at present.

ABS furniture edge bandings don’t add any fillers (such as calcium carbonate), so the edge is very smooth and beautiful after trimming, the surface has a strong impact resistance, side color of edge banding is close to surface after trimming, not whiten, glossy, color of finished furniture is harmonious.

Meanwhile ABS furniture edge bandings have a strong chemical corrosion resistance, keep new long-lasting, coffee, soy sauce, alcohol etc won’t damage its surface.

Furthermore, ABS furniture edge bandings don’t have pungent smells, high temperature buring won’t pollute air, very suitable for the use of public pursuiting health, accord with health and environmental protection principle.

ABS edge bandings can protect and beautify furnitures, and toxic-free, won’t pullute environment, is a good ideal for living condition in harmony with nature.