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Identify inferior PVC edge banding for furniture

Edge banding is the material to protect and beautify  fracture surface of furniture plates, the materials of major furniture edge bandings are usually PVC and ABS plastics. PVC furniture edge banding is heat-resistant, grease-proof, high curvature degree, pattern and color close to natural wood color, can make a piece of furniture to show clear wood grain, prismy colors overall effect. However,  there are many inferior PVC edge bandings in the market, so people need to pay special attention to your purchase. Many reasons cause bad quality PVC edge banding , may relate to raw materials, molds, process parameters, environment, equipments, personnel and other factors. The following we will let you know what problems will occur if use inferior PVC furniture edge bandings.

1. Off size. In the forming process, PVC furniture edge bandings can’t keep original scheduled size precision called off size, this is unqualified. 

2. Colors uneven. Colors of furniture edge banding surface are not uniform, uneven and different hues. Gloss poor. PVC furniture edge banding surface is dull or gloss uneven.

3. Spots. Inferior PVC furniture edge bandings appear many dark stripes or black spots in surface or inside of plastic parts. 

4. Filling insufficient (lack of glues). PVC edge banding is not full, arise bubbles, gaps, shrinkage etc, doesn’t match with standard model called glue lacking.

5. Warping deformation. Shape of plastic parts will rotate and distort after demoulding or a while later, such as product feet unequal, there are differences from original mold design, this is deformation, have distinction of partical and integral deformation.

6. Poor demolding. Similar to warping deformation, PVC furniture edge banding can’t be removed successfully from the molds after forming, have deformation, crack, strain etc, this is called poor demolding.

7. Cracks and fracture. Poor quality PVC furniture edge banding plastic pieces will appear gap cracks and damage because of this.

8. Intensity is not enough. Intensity of inferior PVC edge banding is lower than expected, plastic pieces can’t bear  scheduled load.

9. Bubble and dark bubble. There are gaps inside of PVC furniture edge bandings, bubbles are defects of small size or strings of pores appearing internally after products molding, dark bubble is vacuum hole generating from plastics inside.

10. Surface feculent. Matt, whitish, misty appearance on PVC furniture edge banding surface is called feculent.

11. White spots. Inferior PVC furniture edge banding there will be white particles inside, the particles also called "fisheye", reflect on transparent products mainly.

Plastic edge bandings have some certern differences from predetermined quality standards(test standards) after molding, can’t meet process requirements, this is defects of plastic pieces, it’s quality problem as we often say. Superior furniture edge bandings will not whiten when trimming, cutting surface is smooth and glossy, its color is accordant with panel, and it’s seem to be an integral whole with panels.