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Three categories of edge banding Dongguan manufactures produce

Three main categories of edge bandings manufactured in Dongguang: wooden edge bandings, PVC edge bandings, melamine edge bandings. Following we will have a simple introduction on charactesr and uses of different kind edge bandings.

First category of edge bandings produced in Dongguan is wooden edge banding. Wooden edge bandings adopt superior birch, oak, maple, beech, cherry and other woods, process to wooden slice edge bandings by machine.

Wooden edge banding is mainly applied to paste and decorate sides of solid wood furniture planks, stickup can only be done by hand. What gluing wooden edge bandings are water soluble cemedin or strong adhesive, as long as planks edges keep flat when pasting, there is no specific requirements at ambient temperature.

Wood is hygroscopic material, its moisture content will change as external temperature and humidity affect, therefore, choice of glues should be made on season change, moisture diffusion and osmosis requirements. Know how to select glues, to make edge banding and plank form a good “rivet fixed action” through fibre diffusion. Besides, furnitures decorating with wooden edge bandings must paint paint on surface.

Second category of edge bandings produced in Dongguan: PVC edge bandings. Polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride is raw material of PVC edge bandings. After mechanical compaction to be grainy, transparent, monochrome, double-color plastic edge bandings.

PVC edge banding is mainly applied to seal sides of particle board, density board, hipboard, plywood, solid wood is suitable too. Sealing can be done by manual and mechanical paste when use, mechanical paste is the main way, it can improve work efficiency. The cemedins to paste PVC edge bandings are contact adhesive, hot melt adhesive, white emulsion, among them hot melt adhesive is the best.

Through functions of mechanical interlocking, physical gravitation, chemical bonds to make PVC edge bandings attached firmly on the wood surface when pasting, so it has a high requirement on glancing flatness of base material edge contour , general tolerance should no more than 0.1mm, appropriate plank temperature and pasting ambient temperature is 18 ℃. Curing time is generally 30 minutes, but low temperature or high temperature glues need to be decided by thickness of edge bandings.

Third category of edge bandings produced in Dongguan: melamine edge banding.

Melamine edge bandings is printing different kinds of wood grains, flowers, leather grains, marble grains etc art patterns (or plain colors) on superior colored base papers, then soak and cure with modified melamine.

Application range of melamine edge bandings are basically similar to PVC edge bandings. But, it’s the best option for fire-proof plates, can be operated by hand and machine when sealing, nor have many demands on hot melt adhesive, universal glue, white emulsion etc glues. Random glues can be chose when flat and rolling stick; Control temperature is 120 ℃ ~ 160 ℃ when cemedin selection is hot melt adhesive. pressure is 4-6 / 2, curing time is 20 to 50s, indoor ambient temperature is 15 ℃ when sticking.

Regarding melamine edge bandings have better penetrability than PVC on hot melt adhesive and universal glues, need to reduce the adhesive coatings when sticking with boards, always 6-8g / linear meter. Adhesive coatings are homogeneous, grains are clear wnen banding by mechanical; Mechanical gumming speed is 30 to 50m/ min, melamine edge banding is the fastest on sticking among all kinds of edge bandings, this can guarantee pasting quality, and can improve work efficiency.