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PVC edge banding manufacturer tells you advantage and usage of PVC edge banding

Advantages and usage of PVC edge banding:

PVC edge banding manufacturer tells you main component of PVC edge banding is polyvinyl chloride, made by mixing, rolling, vacuum forming etc crafts . Products commonly used in furniture, office, kitchen wares, teaching equipments, civilian laboratories etc. Thickness is from 0.3mm to 3mm, width is from 12mm to 80mm.

PVC edge banding manufacturer tells you PVC edge banding is with material light, easily process, good quality and cheap, will not decompose, rust etc advantages. The following PVC edge banding manufacturer introduces you advantages and usage of PVC edge banding.

Advantages of PVC edge banding:

1. PVC edge banding is light, which is relative to metal and plexiglass, this is not because it is high molecular compound, but because they are organic compounds, made of light elements like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen etc..

2. Material of PVC edge banding is plastics, plastics is easy to process. Plastics is with plasticity, that is, deform after heating or pressing, maintain original shape when cooling or pressure disappearing. Can be processed to respective shape edge bandings, such as T shape, H shape, D shape, V shape, 工shape etc by extrusion.

3. PVC edge banding is with quality and cheap, and price fluctuation of plastic is much smaller than metal.

4. Plastics will not decompose nor rust.

PVC edge banding manufacturer tells you correct ways to use PVC edge bandings:

1. Best use temperature is 170℃-210℃, regularly use temperature low limit of hot melt adhesive in summer, temperature high limit in winter. You can also adjust use temperature according indoor temperature.

2. Normally, higher use temperature gets, bonding strength is stronger. It is recommended to use high temperature hot melt adhesive to achieve better edge sealing effect.

3. There are no polishing function of manual edge banding machine or semi-automatic edge banding machine, hand polishing is recommended to ensure trimming effect.

4. If glue line is too thick or wire drawing when use, you need to adjust speed  of edge banding machine and thermosol temperature.

5. If edge banding surface easily scratched by device during edge sealing process, that’s because of improper wear treatment on edge banding surface,it’s a substandard product.

6. If edge banding can't be sealed during sealing process, please check indoor temperature and hot melt adhesive temperature is correct or not (temperature should not lower than 18℃) or edge banding machine runs too slow.